“If you do not hustle in every facet of the game, there is no room for you in this sport.”   –Matt Mackrides, Lacrosse Player



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Lacrosse is a game which is becoming more popular each season because of the way it is played and the frenzy that comes about by playing the game as each team seek the glory of the game amidst the challenges posed by opponents and the jeers and cheers of cheerleaders and fans who grace the gaming occasion.

Betty Betty
I really loved to play this game, but I wasn’t fit for it. How I feel sorry for myself about that.

Gretchen Gretchen
Winner in life don’t always win; they don’t just give up..

Levi Levi
Is this lacrosse thing what worshipers find in La church?

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
We’ve got another church mouse present here.


Outplay! Outwork! Outlast!

Lacrosse2013-05-08-10-05-18-Lacrosse peoi0xr0j8bajdtyLacrosse is an outdoor sporting activity which is popular in North America where it originated. It is played using a small lacrosse ball made from rubber using a lacrosse stick. On the lacrosse stick at the tip of the head, there is a mesh which is attached to it and it’s used to catch and grip the ball. The ball is then carried by the stick while on the mesh and can be passed among team players. Tricks and tactics to maintain the ball are vital as the players seek to shoot it in the opponent’s goal with the aim of scoring. The opponents are tasked with the role of ensuring that there is no goal scored and should try as possible to gain the ball which can be achieved through stick checking, and also through physical body contact usually referred to as positioning.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
How I love watching chicks with sticks!



This website was previously based on a sport in New Brunswick called Lacrosse, and letting people know what it is all about. For instance, it mentioned that Lacrosse is recognized as a sport that is unparalleled in developing – such as speed, skill, endurance, and athletic dexterity. Anyways, enough of sports! I have officially decided to turn this whole website right around and make it more intriguing. So check back soon for the new impressive update!