Thursday, August 21, 2014 update. This website is under complex makeover. We have encountered some vexing issues, but soon it will all come together and make sense. In the past 48 hours there was work with background research , and I got a concussion and rested a lot.

LNB - NB Lacrosse new logo


This website was previously based on a sport in New Brunswick called Lacrosse, and letting people know what it is all about. For instance, it mentioned that Lacrosse is recognized as a sport that is unparalleled in developing – such as speed, skill, endurance, and athletic dexterity. Anyways, enough of sports! I have officially decided to turn this whole website right around and make it more intriguing. So check back soon for the new impressive update!


But until then…

14503 tv-workouts-art

Hey, check this out! Did you know that you can exercise while watching TV? I didn’t know that until last week when I came across this fabulous page on several ways on how to do so. Don’t be a couch potato, have fun and get fit while eyeballing your favorite TV show!