A Memorable Lacrosse Tournament

lacrosse tourneyIf there is one thing which is very encouraging and motivating to players is to win a tournament as a team. I have to admit some facts that the game may be very challenging and most of the time working as a team may prove to be a hard task in a challenging game where the opponents gives you not chance to create a team rhythm.

Lacrosse is one such physical game which requires a lot of team work and spirit to win especially when playing with tough opponents.

This fall, I had ruled of my dreams of playing for my team during the inter colleges tournament because of a thigh injury just weeks prior to the tournament kick-off. I was really devastated about this injury and the fact that I wouldn’t play because this was my last year at college and I really wanted to be part of the team.

I was also one of the best point-man who was usually relied by my teammates but I must admit that I was never the favorite to my coach because of my selfishness on the pitch. Not that I didn’t love team work, but I strongly believed in my playing abilities and would often get mad when I pass a good ball to my teammate only for it to go wasted when the teammate fails to score. Thus the fact that I would be out of play didn’t seems to bother our coach although he often cared about my health status whenever I joined other during training to lift their spirits.

I must admit that they were all well equipped with the skills, physical capabilities and strong will to lift the tournament’s trophy and everything seemed promising. Days to the tournament were fast approaching with each training day and I seemed to recuperate faster than I thought. Anyway, I knew that I would not be allowed to the field of play since I wouldn’t be in the best physical form expected of a lacrosse player especially on a big event like the tournament which was upcoming.

Fast forward to the actual day when the two-day event kicked off; by then I had completely recovered and I was on the frontline together with the cheerleaders of our team doing all our best to cheer and encourage my mates during all the games that they played. All seemed well, but in the event, there was one team whose strength and playing tactics seemed to out-match ours and they appeared favorites to win the competition. Actually we were second to them as our coach admitted on the evening after the end of the first tournament day, but he emphasized how important team work was if at all we envisaged beating them the following day when we would battle them for the trophy as our total points indicated that they were the most likely team to play us in the final game, unless we lost the 2 games scheduled for us in the morning, something which was literally impossible.

The next day all went well with the games that my team played in the morning and we were able to narrow the total point difference to only two with these mighty rivals.

When at last, time came for us to play them the most unfortunate thing happened. The game started all well though we were really challenged and the point difference between us widening to four points. Then during the end of the final quarter, they guy we considered our lead point-man was injured and a substitution had to be made.

The coach approached me and I was shocked that he wanted me to dress for the position. Of course we had a substitute at hand but he clarified that I could help the team if at all I was willing to play with others as one. Excited about this, I prepared in seconds and on I went to the field.

The game was really physical, but since the coach really believed in me, I knew it was ital to let my ego go and play with others as my coach had indicated.

We tried and fought hard against the powerful team who had really excellent tactics but our game play seemed to have improved as the total points tied by the end of the third quarter. As we started our fourth, I knew this was the moment and we really played well, though by the end of the game, we came second since we were defeated by one point.

I learnt a big lesson on the importance of team work and my colleges mates, coach and players were really impressed by me.